Here we go again!

Written by Maria Tsekhmistrenko on vendredi, 25 octobre 2013. Posted in Cruise 2013

12000 km of total route length to go. 57 OBS are waiting for us in the deep abyss of the Indian ocean. 43 days at sea. 24 scientists gathered on the the magnificent Meteor. 10 knots of mean velocity. 2 Legs. 1 big Project. RHUM-RUM.

One year later, one year of waiting, one year of unbearable curiosity. We are back to recover the OBS we deployed one year ago. After this time the ocean bottom seismometer had enough time to gather a lot of data.

The recovery has now started and with each new OBS safely recovered, we gather more data. Valuable data for our project to image the hot spot below La Reunion. But will the instruments deliver the expected and needed data?

Still 44 days to got and 54 OBS to recover to find this out.


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