Rendez-vous of OBS

Written by Florian Schmid on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in Cruise 2012

11 October 2012

Wayne explains the French OBS instrument to Kasra, Erik and Henning.

For the second Leg, three French OBS specialists joined us with their nine instruments, and it becomes more and more colourful on the working deck. While the German OBS team is residing 'upstairs', occupying the helicopter deck and hangar of the ship, the French team lives 'downstairs' on the main deck.

Driven by the thrill and curiosity on both sides, yesterday a rendezvous was organized for all OBS specialists to present the each other the components and working principles of the surprisingly different systems.

As the German lobsters are rather flat and compact, the French instruments remind somehow of Mars rovers that will eventually invade the sea floor. One of the main differences is the separation of the seismometer unit from the rest of the instrument in the French systems. It is still actively debated among seismologists whether or not this has a strong impact on the quality of the data. We are all the more interested in next year's recovery of the instruments, when the seismic curves will tell us more about the virtues and vices of either system...

A German “Lobster” OBS (orange) lends company to a French OBS on the working deck before its deployment.

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