Deployed and celebrated the last OBS

Written by Karin Sigloch on Sunday, 28 October 2012. Posted in Cruise 2012

23 October 2012

We deployed our 57th and last ocean-bottom seismometer yesterday afternoon. The happy event was celebrated with a small ceremony on the aft deck, immediately before the final launch.


Special outfit for a special occasion: Christine Läderach and Henning Kirk marching to the rear deck, to check the last OBS and attend a little ceremony prior to its launch. (Photo: Maria Tsekhmistrenko)

RHUM-RUM celebration-1

Cruise leader Guilhem Barruol addressed a numerous audience, who had emerged from all corners of the ship. Then we awarded Grand RHUM-RUM medals to the three boatsmen Arthur, Gilles, Jérôme, and their crews, thanking them for their skillful help and good humor at all times. They have very professionally deployed our instruments around the clock, and rendered many other services on deck. (Photo: Wayne Crawford) 

SAM 2155

The final OBS was launched immediately afterwards by Arthur and his crew. We hope and assume that it and its 56 colleagues are now recording seismic signals on the seafloor until 2013. At this milestone for RHUM-RUM, Satish Singh opened a few bottles of champagne for everybody to enjoy. (Photo: Karin Sigloch) 


Happy faces at the last OBS launch: scientific party and ship crew of mission MD 192, Leg 2. (Photo: Wayne Crawford)


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Karin Sigloch

The German part of RHUM-RUM is led by Karin Sigloch, Department of Earth Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany. 

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